Sunday, 26 June 2011

"Goodbye, Mr Anderson." "My NEO!"

The Matrix.

I finally saw it after my friend lent all 3 DVDs to me. Well, firstly, I can see why people have compared it to Inception, with the whole dreaming/what is reality? theme. It's also different too, MUCH more dystopian. The plot's not quite as mind-bending as Inception, but there's still a fairly complex storyline.

The action scenes were spectacular, and so were the special effects. It's hard to believe it was made over 11 years ago. The famous bullet-dodging scene was just as cool as I'd expected, if not more, while the opening scene with Trinity (who I adore, by the way, with her being a non-damselly, completely awesome female lead) kicking the crap out everyone in the room left my jaw on the floor.

The whole look of the film was great, leading me to a couple of questions: 1. Just how much leather did they buy to make everyone's costumes?! and 2. Why is every scene inside the matrix so GREEN? I get the whole showing genre through tone thing, but really - do things need to be that green?!

I loved it, though. Can't wait to watch the second and third ones now!


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