Saturday, 11 June 2011

Musings on a lazy Saturday

Long weekend, yay! Plus we have next Friday off school because it's report-writing day.
It's a gorgeous Saturday...well, it was morning, but somehow it's slipped away into afternoon. It's been terribly cold this week since it's June, but outside it looks beautiful right now. The sun's shining and the sky is a wonderful clear blue, peeking through the branches of the gumtrees outside my window. (That all sounds so cliched-ly Australian, but it's true. I live near the coast, in a small town. It's not like this everywhere in Aus.)
Not much else to say. My friend's coming over this afternoon, it'll be awesome. And the Doctor Who final's on tonight, can't wait.
I need to get Jebdediah's new album from the library, and buy the new Arctic Monkeys one. J'adore AM <3
And I saw the clip for Boy & Bear's "Feeding Line" on Rage this morning, it's an amazing video clip. It doesn't make much sense, but God, the whole look of it is beautiful. The song's really good too. I was going to link to it, but it's not up on YouTube yet, grr. Look out for it!

That's all!
Enjoy the weekend, long or not :)

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