Wednesday, 8 June 2011

See, I can write about serious stuff too, sometimes!

My article is up on the Fbomb. Whoo-hoo!
It's here: Click the link! --->

If you have no idea what the Fbomb is, you are deprived. Fbomb is this *awesome* website where people (mostly young women, though not always) submit articles about feminist issues, and have discussions about it. Whether you don't know much about feminism or you're passionate about it, I highly recommend you check it out. As a proud feminist, I look through it regularly ^-^

My article's about the recent controversy with David Busby meowing at Penny Wong in the Senate. I've also done another article for the FBomb, about the sexist backlash against Julia Gillard when she became Prime Minister. You can read it here: I wrote this, like, 5 days after JG became PM. Now it's nearly a year after she started ruling the country and I've lost a lot of faith in her; some of her policies have really disappointed me. I wrote the article before she'd become PM and let us down, but regardless of that, I still dispute the fact that everyone seemed to jump on the "She's a woman! She'll be crap!" bandwagon as soon as she moved into Rudd's office, before she'd even done anything in her capacity as leader.

So, there you go.
Check it out if you want,

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