Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Best Australian Music Videos, part 1

Australian music doesn't get much attention overseas. Well, apart from Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John and the Bee-Gees, and with the last two there's controversy about whether they're actually Aussie or not.
But there are some amazing Australian music videos too. I couldn't pick all of them - these are just a select few from my lifetime - but over 2 posts, here's 17 of them. Some are gorgeously artistic, some are sad and some are just wacky. Enjoy.

Sebellies - Trans Ending
A short movie about a woman who's had enough, a man who sets out to rescue her and an abandoned caravan filled with water, set in the suburbs. It manages to make you feel about 50 different emotions in under 4 minutes.

Art vs. Science - Parlez-vous Francais?
It has a chorus in very broken French, and no one really knows what the song's about. But who cares? Two words: MIME FIGHT. Invisible swords, lassoos, machine guns and more are used as two mimes battle it out in the street.

Washington - Sunday Best
1960s French cinema crossed with Australian 21st century hipterism, with an extra shot of randomness. There's dancing on tables, poker-faced guys in suits, and some sort of strange movie plot. And running it all, the Queen of Cool, Megan Washington, singing suprisingly dirty lyrics with the voice of an angel, looking like a vintage movie star in geek specs.

Boy and Bear - Feeding Line
Top hats, antique watches, chandeliers, scenes of Australian forest - all several reasons why I love this video. Don't bother trying to make sense of it, just enjoy. <---It won't let me embed the video because it's from Vevo, so click the link! I promise it's worth it.

Sia - You've Changed
Sia used to make really deep, dark (and kind of depressing) music, until one day she decided to make some fun stuff. And thank God she did. I mean, look at this video! It's a computer game...only not in computer form. Yeah, I can't explain it, except to say that it's rather cute and cool.

Birds of Tokyo - Wild at Heart
Stunning cinematography here, right down to the close-ups of the icicle-covered music equipment. For anyone who ever thought Australian couldn't do impressive, movie-quality music videos, this video proves them all wrong. It just makes you go 'wow'. And also 'brrr'.

Pendulum - the Island Part 1: Dawn
It's like a deleted scene from a sci-fi movie. The Island: Being the Tale of a Woman in a White Jumpsuit, Lots of Sand and a Bunch of Weird Metal Shape Things. Awesome song.

Little Red - All Mine
Without spending millions on explosions or screaming extras, this is a simplistic, haunting look at a post-apocalyptic Melbourne, and one guy (well, ok, the lead singer) trying to survive. Beautiful and heart-wrenching.

Gyroscope - Some of the Places I know
Like Pendulum, Gyroscope hail from Western Australia, and the scenery in this video is all from there. Yes, our country really is that bloody beautiful. Sorry, I'll stop bragging now.

Part 2 coming up!

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