Saturday, 10 December 2011


So everyone's blogging about Christmas holidays in the snow, or at least the cold. Turkey, snowball fights, rugging up in front of the fireplace, etc. And while I have witnessed a cold Christmas (England, 2008), Christmas for me is something you associate with summer.
Am I alone down here at the bottom of the world?
Christmas, for me, is all about the beach, drinks in the sunshine, BBQs and ridiculously expensive crayfish. You can rock up in thongs, and hang around in the backyard getting sunburnt and wearing those crappy-but-loveable paper hats you get in the Christmas crackers. Christmas, for me, is when you know the summer holidays have truly started.

Speaking of summer, you may have guessed from the caps-heavy post header that the HOLIDAYS ARE HERE. School is over for 8 weeks, hallelujah. I passed all my exams (even Year 11 maths methods, which is nothing short of a freaking miracle!), and now I have no obligations (um, apart from holiday homework), no major plans and nearly two months of freedom stretching before me.
Let the summer begin!


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