Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Fictional and the Fashionable: Anya Jenkins

Because I'm one of those people who watch TV shows/movies and go "Oh my GOD, I love what Person X is wearing!"
Also because it's the holidays, I have time on my hands, and what better way to spend time than by ruthlessly hunting through screencaps to get pictures of adorable outfits worn by fictional people?

First up: Anya Jenkins, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Born about 1000 years ago as Anyanka, Anya was a vengeance demon who brought pain and suffering on wrong-doing men. Long story short, she ended up in Sunnydale, California, being, in her own words "newly human and strangely literal", and providing the show with an outspoken and hilarious voice.
Plus, she had some pretty nice outfits, too.

From "Two To Go", season 6
The Peter Pan collar! It's delightful.
"All The Way", season 6
The Halloween episode that was boring as.
On the bright side, we got Anya's costume.
You can't see them, but she has rollerblades.

And the hair!
"Beneath You", season 7
She may have gone back to her vengeance demon ways,
but that is an adorable dress. And hair.
Only screencap I could get of the whole outfit.
The shoes!!!

"Hell's Bells", season 6
Despite it being the saddest ever wedding between an ex-demon and a human,
Anya looked gorgeous.
Screw you, Xander.
"Once More With Feeling", Season 6
Fluffy (heeled) slippers, and a red satin bra-and-shorts combo.
The perfect outfit for when you're under a spell causing you to sing and dance in your living room.  
It sure beats Xander's oversize silk pyjama...thing, which makes him look about 45. 

"Selfless", season 7
During the Russian Revolution, in her vengeance demon days
Looks so elegant, you'd never suspect she and Halfrek had just
been on a vengeance spree. Apart from, you know, the blood.  

"Hush", season 4
However, even Anya had her share of style fails.
That's an alright-looking jumper, though, you say...

 ...And then she turns around.
Not even vengeance demons are immune from the Season 4 Styling Curse.

"Fear, Itself", season 4
To finish, Anya in her first Halloween costume.
She's dressed as her greatest fear.
Because, as we know, "bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes..."

I might do more of these.
Z :)

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