Sunday, 6 November 2011

Blatant Procrastination

Soooo close to the end of the school year.
I have absolutely no patience for end-of-year coursework. I just want the exams over and done with, so I can take the summer.
Summer summer summer. I swear I can smell it. I want the holidays now.
Got to keep my head down, study hard for just another week, live through exams, then I can relax. But I keep getting distracted making playlists of summer songs and trolling Tumblr for photos tagged with 'summer love', and gosh. Summer, why aren't you here?
I want the hot air and the bright blue sky and the sun that shines down until well into the evening. I want to taste salt water on my tongue and spend my afternoon cleaning sand off my eyelashes, towling it off my legs. I want to laugh about our stupid bikini tans. I want to go to the supermarket and buy a tub of ice-cream and a packet of spoons, then sit on top of the primary school playground eating it with the group. I want to lie on my towel in the sand, feel the sun beating down on me, stare through the sunscreen-grease-thumprints on my sunglasses lenses. I want to run towards the water and then realise it's way too cold. I want to have sand and salt tangled in my hair from too many days at the beach. I want to take my camera everywhere I go, take photos of everyone laughing happily, even if half of them turn out to be blurry or have my thumb in them. I want to not have to care about schoolwork for the first time in forever.
No worries, no cares. Just sunshine and friends and days that never end.
Please summer, hurry up.
Got to keep  it together for 4 more days of classes, one week of exams, a few extra other class days, 4 days of orientation. Then I'll have summer.
Then the summer will be mine.  

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