Sunday, 21 August 2011

"Chill out, it's alright, kiss me, it's nice to be alive"

What a glorioius, glorious day.
Sky the colour of a swimming pool, the sun's shining down, the wattle is finally out and is its usual bright yellow, and everything's beautiful. After weeks of cold and rain, this is just what we need down here.
I had a heap of homework, but at 2pm I decided trigonometry could wait. So I put together a playlist, donned my leopard-print sunnies and white lace jacket and took the dog for a walk around the park. Beautiful beautiful weather, makes you believe that everything is right in the world, even if it really isn't.

Photo taken by me a while ago, but it looks the same outside at the moment. Dodgy quality because it was taken on the old camera.

Sunny Days Outdoors playlist (song title first):
  1. Jake Ryan - Summer Camp
  2. Over the Rainbow - Gin Wigmore
  3. Something Easy - Georgia Fair
  4. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
  5. Time to Wander - Gypsy & the Cat
  6. It Can Wait - Illy feat. Owl Eyes
  7. Control - Jebediah
  8. Peter Pan - Jinja Safari
  9. You Don't Scare Me - Josh Pyke
  10. Fall - Lanu feat. Megan Washington
  11. Young Love - Mystery Jets feat. Laura Marling
  12. Older Brother - Pepper Rabbit
  13. In the Sun - She & Him
  14. It's Nice to Be Alive - Ball Park Music (Post title comes from that song's lyrics, more on the band soon)
  15. Fall At Your Feet [Crowded House cover] - Boy & Bear
  16. Don't You Think It's Time - Bob Evans
Hope you have good weather wherever you are!

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