Sunday, 21 August 2011

Band Appreciation: Ball Park Music

Australian band Ball Park Music specialise in quirky, cheerful indie-pop. Their first major album, "Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs" is being released soon, after a couple of years of EPs and singles buzzing around the Rage-level indie scene.
My favourite songs of theirs are -

Sea Strangers (I Don't Really Know You)
Odd title, yes. Damn is it catchy though. This is the first song of theirs that I heard, about a year ago. Plus the video is hilarious, as the band are performing and get attacked by voodoo-wielding...wizards? with ridiculous results. Notable for featuring a six-person pair of pants, and a giant malevolant voodoo doll. That also dances.

Sad Rude Future Dude
About living in the future with only your computer for company, and finding everyone and everything else boring. It's dystopian music, but it's so cheerful you can't even tell.

Rich People Are Stupid
A slower-paced song for them, about the dreariness of office life. I could presume it's an anti-capitalist stance on the hierarchy of the corporate world from the viewpoint of the middle-class...but you know, I think it's just about how he doesn't like his boss. Also, MOST HIPSTERIFFIC video clip EVER. Dude shaves off his moustache, puts it in a hand-rolled cigarette, smokes it and then...gets high off it?

It's Nice To Be Alive
My all-time favourite song from them, this is their most recent release, and it's a lyrical pocket of sunshine about appreciating the good in life. The video shows the band reacting to the news that the Earth will be destroyed by a meteor, and spending their last few hours doing the things that you do just for the sheer fun of it, but never/hardly ever do in real life. Cutting up watermelons with a chainsaw. Having a giant pillow fight. Making a cake and then face-planting into it. Throwing your bike down a hill. Popping bubblewrap. Jumping off a pier while wearing a suit. Etcetera. Watch the video, I can't do it justice.

Stay tuned for more Band Appreciation posts. Ha. Stay tuned. I just realised that was a pun. A dreadful one, too >_>

P.S Does anyone else think the lead singer looks a bit like David Tennant?

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