Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Community Service Announcement

My best friend Eclair is not, as her name suggests, sticky and full of chocolate. She is, however, quite a lurvely person, and is capable of making me laugh until I cry, or roll off the couch and onto the floor (this has happened). We can have whole conversations made up of Doctor Who and Confessions of Georgia Nicolson quotes, and accomplish many nerdy, awesome things together. She is as insane as I am, and for that I love her a lot.

And now she has a blog! It's at http://girlwithagalaxy.wordpress.com/ and it's full of brilliant randomness, mostly about Doctor Who and her love for Matt Smith (and his hair. Also his chin. And his bow tie. Basically everything about him. I mean, can you blame her? He's sex on legs.). It's rather legendary, and everyone should go read it.

Just putting it out there.

Your informant,

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